"Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish, which trumps Did Not Start."


South Park Dryland Challenge
Hartsel, Colorado
November 7-8th, 2015

Team: (6-dog, Day 1) Walker (L), Bluie (L), Cinnabon, Quantie, Kiva, Thunder | (4-dog, Day 1) Walker (L), Thunder (L), Russian, Daryl
(6-dog, Day 2) Walker (L), Thunder (L), Kiva, Inky, Kya, Skinner | (4-dog, Day 2) Walker (L), Bluie (L), Russian, Kolyma

Recap: Very fun, technical course with lots of near head-on passing and visibility of other teams which made it a very good learning experience for all the younger dogs. Thunder really shone as a fantastic leader on both days beside Walker. This was a unique format as each day was judged as a different race instead of final placement being based on your times from both days.

Place Name Day 1 Day 2
4 Dog (2.5 miles)
1 Mark Stephens 00:09:39 ---
2 Sidney Johnsen 00:11:11 00:12:03
3 Leslie Fields 00:11:37 00:10:36
4 Debra Su Stephens 00:15:18 ---

Place Name Day 1 Day 2
6 Dog (4.5 miles)
1 Mark Stephens 00:17:06 00:08:28
2 Leslie Fields 00:21:18 00:09:48
3 Sidney Johnsen 00:22:02 00:10:56
4 Debra Su Stephens 00:25:20 00:11:07

Fort Dodge Kennel Club ABS
Fort Dodge, Iowa
June 13-14th, 2015

With Russian

Recap: Blue ribbons in his class both days, no points.

Kansas City Dock Dogs
Kansas City, Kansas
January 24-25th, 2015

Team: Sansa

Recap: Sansa was 1st place Junior on day one with a jump of 8'8" in the first wave and 12'8" in the second wave -- both very short distances compared to normal. Day two we had a DQ for no jump. This was an indoor venue, and she did not seem to like jumping in an indoor setting.


RMSHC Siberian Specialty
Denver, Colorado
April 25-27, 2014

With Russian, Cinnabon, and Quantie.

Recap: This was our first serious endeavor into the show world with three entries, all in the 12-18 mo dog/bitch class. Russian took second place on both days (no pts), Cinnabon took third (no pts) on day one and Quantie took third (no pts) on day two. Wonderful learning experience for both the dogs and I; really appreciated all the kind remarks in regards to my dogs from fellow competitors.

Winter Warriors Sled Dog Race
Camp Ripley, Minnesota
February 15-16, 2014

Team: Fritz (L), Torrey (L), Kiva, Quantie, Russian (L), Kolyma

Conditions: Saturday: -5 to 19 F, sunny and cold with 13mph winds.
Sunday: -1 to 19 F, gusty winds to 23mph. Trail was clear and well packed both days.

Recap: Gorgeous, fast trail. Both females on the team were in standing heat for this race. On day two I moved Russian up into lead with Torrey as Fritz was distracted by the girls. Russian did a phenomenal job up front.

Place Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Time
6 Dog (6.7 miles)
1 Ken Davis 00:24:57.40 00:25:05.40 00:50:02.80
2 Tim Wallace 00:28:05.03 00:28:52.22 00:56:57.25
3 Dean Bonati 00:35:46.91 00:37:42.85 01:13:29.76
4 Sidney Johnsen 00:46:39.62 01:00:32.98 01:47:12.60
5 Tim Finnell 00:56:22.66 00:52:09.78 01:48:32.44

Subaru Dog Sled Loppet
Minneapolis, Minnesota
February 2nd, 2014

Team: Fritz (L), Torrey (L), Cinnabon, Quantie, Russian, Kolyma

Conditions: -1 to 12 F, crisp and sunny, very fast trail.

Recap: Very technical trail with lots of non-race traffic (skiers, snowmobiles, and spectators on the trail), road crossings, tunnels, bridges, steep hills, and finish line located in Uptown. Excellent experience for the dogs. Very fun race overall.

Place Name Total Time
1 Sherry Johnson 54:22.6
2 Ian Tjelta 56:42.4
3 Duke Rembleski 1:02:36.2
4 Melissa Domino 1:09:28.7
5 Andy Romness 1:12:47.8
6 Joseph Fessler 1:31:13.1
7 Sidney Johnsen 1:46:41.0
8 Don Deckert 1:59:34.1
9 Allison Petell DNS

DDNS Brown County Fair
New Ulm, Minnesota
August 10th, 2014

Team: Sansa

Recap: Our first DockDogs event. Best jump of the day was 19'. 4th place in Senior Division and qualified for finals; first jump in finals was 14' 5", second jump in finals was 15' 6", coming in 6th place.

Place Name Jump 1 Jump 2
1 Katie (Jasmine) Chevrier 19' 11" 19' 10"
2 Daniel (Angel) Klein 18' 2" 19' 11"
3 April (Dixie) Edberg 16' 11" 19' 10"
4 Sidney (Sansa) Johnsen 18' 10" 19' 00"
5 Brian (Boomer) Mandershied 18' 3" 18' 9"
6 Lynne (Klink) Zinnel 18' 5" 18' 00"
7 Adam (Ollie) Fromm 18' 00" 16' 11"
8 Elizabeth (RR) Campbell 15' 3" 16' 10"




CMM Camp Hale Fall Camp-Out
Camp Hale, Colorado
October 5-8, 2012

Team: Moab, Mackinaw, Torrey, Dawson, Kiva, Tovi, Jagger, Kya, Kol, Susan.

Conditions: Elevation of 9,200 feet.
Sunny and mild during the day, brisk and clear in the evenings. Weekend high of 44 deg F and low of 32 deg F.


Mush For A Cure
Gunflint Trail; Grand Marais, Minnesota
March 10th, 2012

Team: Moab (L), Torrey (L), Mackinaw, Dawson, Dually, Dukes, Troon, Johnny.

Conditions: Sunny and VERY warm, in the mid and upper 40s; the ice on the lake at Gunflint Pines could be heard cracking under the dog trucks at the start line. Trail was wet and slushy, barren in some places.

Recap: Mush For A Cure is a non-competitive event, thus official times/scores are not kept. Team finished well though, with a handful of teams coming in behind us. Fantastic mass-start and stunning scenery on the trail. Warm temperatures slowed everyone down. 3/4ths of the way though, I bagged Johnny as I was concerned he might over-heat, and he rode in the sled until the finish.

Mount Massive Mush
Leadville, Colorado
March 3-4, 2012

Team: Moab (L), Torrey (L), Mackinaw, Dawson, Dually, Dukes.

Located at the Mount Massive Golf Course with an elevation of 9,680 feet.
Saturday: -1 to 20 deg F, sunny, cold, some gusty wind, trail groomed Fri. eve.
Sunday: 10 to 38 deg F, sunny, warmer, trail groomed early Sun. morning.

Recap: Leadville was our first race and an amazing experience. The trail was exquisite; smooth and fast through some of the most beautiful terrain. On day one I stopped to help another team with a tangle and it reflects in our time compared to day two. The dogs were not conditioned to the higher elevation but did well none the less.

Place Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Time
6 Dog (6.2 miles)
1 Stephanie Dwyer 21:05.59 21:43.72 42:49.31
2 Lynn Whipple 21:36.34 22:50.45 44:26.79
3 Charlie Odegaard 22:27.13 22:22.42 44:49.55
4 Dan MacEachen 26:44.91 27:29.30 54:14.21
5 Tim Thiessen 26:47.22 27:30.48 54:17.70
6 Devon Schow 28:23.32 31:20.77 59:44.09
7 Patrick Black-Dale 30:27.13 32:41.21 1:03:08.34
8 Bruce Harper 30:29.26 32:58.56 1:03:27.82
9 Debra Su Stephens 34:07.60 33:54.26 1:08:01.86
10 Leslie Fields 36:26.48 35:12.97 1:11:39.45
11 Michael Poynter 35:33.42 37:10.34 1:12:43.76
12 Rick Meinig 41:47.30 38:50.89 1:20:38.19
13 Sidney Johnsen 53:04.39 46:30.58 1:39:34.97