Friends' Kennels


Kennels of close friends and those whom I've had the honor of training and/or racing with, share bloodlines/breeding projects with, and those who have directly influenced my kennel.

Snow Runner
SnowPack Siberian Adventures
Wild Wind Siberians
Tagalder Siberians
Howling Spirit Siberians
Firestar Kennel
Jedeye / Manitou Crossing Kennels
Iceberg Siberians
Sno-Magic Siberians

Other Kennels


Kennels belonging to wonderful folks I respect and admire but haven't had the pleasure of meeting in person or working closely with yet.

Kelim Siberians
Sibersong Sleddogs
Diamond Dogs
Kiana Siberians
Tumnatki Siberians
Dashing Kennel
Fort Illio Kennels
Points Unknown
Khovaki Siberians
Kipp d'Amundsen Siberian Husky Kennels
Sirius Sled Dogs
Points Unknown (Hedlund Huskies)
Uktousa (Hedlund Huskies/Traditional Alaskans)
Keahi Siberian Huskies
WolfStar Siberians
Team Ollie
Tsuga Siberians
Lisbet Norris - Anadyr Siberians
Stari Nite Farm



Windigo Kennels & Outfitters

The Redline Siberians racing team is equipped by Windigo Outfitters. Hands down the best quality harnesses and equipment on the market, complimented by outstanding customer service. Proudly made in the USA!

WolfStar Siberian Huskies

Specialty and Royal Couture Collar designs by Sally Kirkby at WolfStar Huskies. The widest selection of colors and styles, sturdy enough for even the toughest sled dogs! ♥

I also recommend: Fourth Chute Needleworks and 5 Sibes Sewing.



Colorado Mountain Mushers
Rocky Mountain Siberian Husky Club
Mush For A Cure
Canines For Charity/Casper Mtn. Race
Dock Dogs: Northern Stars
Barn Hunt Association
North Star Sled Dog Club
Midwest Skijorers Club

Raw Feeding

Jane Anderson's Raw Learning
Raw Feeding FB Group
Feline Nutrition Society